Next phase of path development is awarded funding

Artist’s impression of the new path

Off the road walking and cycling links are getting a boost between the Carse villages of Errol, Errol Station and Grange.  We have been successful in securing funding for the next stage of development of the paths. 

The Group’s secretary Roger Humphry said “Roads in the Errol area are experiencing increasing levels of traffic, both cars and HGVs, and if local people including children are to feel save cycling and walking, then we need good quality off road paths.”

Chair Ron Gillies said “We’re really pleased to working positively with Perth and Kinross Council and local landowners to realise this project.  In the longer term we would like to extend the off the road path network across the Carse”.

Last year’s community consultation on the proposed paths showed overwhelming support for more and better links.  It also showed that the main barrier to cycling and walking was road safety, as people were afraid of fast moving vehicles on rural roads.  That perception of danger is borne out by Government statistics; cyclists on rural ‘A’ roads are twice as likely to be killed (per mile travelled) than cyclists on urban roads. 

The current situation is that there is not even a pavement between Errol and Grange, although they are only a mile and a half apart. Pedestrians in particular face an unpleasant and dangerous walk along the straight road joining the villages. They have to deal with fast vehicles and large puddles. 

Carse of Gowrie Group has been awarded £60,000 through Sustrans Scotland’s Places for Everyone programme, which is funded by Transport Scotland, to carry out concept design and route development for a traffic free path route.  

The Group are planning a cycle festival event to be held around Easter as part of the project.

Path Consultation Results

We had a great response from the community consultation in the Spring about the Errol Grange Shared Use path . We had nearly 140 replies!

The consultation shows that :

  • Support: overwhelming support for a new cycle path on this route
  • Barriers to cycling: clear concern and fear expressed about cycling on roads along this route
  • Type of path: strong request for new path to be away from the road though for many a shared use pavement would also be acceptable. significant potential for modal change from car & bus to bicycle
  • Type of surface: evidence that a high quality of surface for the path is required

A pdf of the report can be downloaded with the link below.

For more about this path project go to our Paths page

Errol-Grange Path project

Carse of Gowrie Group is keen to see a segregated foot/cycle path between Errol and Grange. Currently the only option is to use the fairly fast road.
We were funded in 2018/19 to run a feasibility project which is now complete and is encouraging. As part of the feasibility project which was conducted by Crispin Hayes Associates, we ran a public consulation which showed huge community support.
The report of this consultation is available on request ( and will be available as a pdf download when we’ve worked out how to provide that (if you can help we’d be very grateful).