The Carse of Gowrie Group has been developing and improving paths across the Carse for many years. These include utility routes, and those for leisure and for access to the Tay. More recently, we have also begun working paths of a higher standard for walking and cycling between our communities.

Errol to Grange Shared Use Path

We are developing a high quality shared use path- for walkers, cyclists and other users – between Errol, Errol Station, and Grange.

In January 2020, we began the next phase of development work after we were awarded funding by Sustrans. This work will take the design further and we hope to conclude agreements with landowners. This blog piece describes it more fully.

We are forming a project Steering Group, so if you are interested please contact us.

We will also be running a cycle event in Easter 2020.

The high quality path will be 2.5m wide and will have a tarmac surface.

Consultation responses show that most people think cycling on this road is not safe

The development work began to be funded by Sustrans in early 2019. During Spring 2019, we have:

  • Carried out a community consultation. Results here
  • Begun negotiating with landowners on the route
  • Liaised with Perth and Kinross Council and other stakeholders
  • Done preliminary design work.

Our intention is to continue with a further development work in order to try and construct this path within a 2 year timeframe.


We also have the longer term ambition to develop high quality traffic-free paths across the area in order to link communities:

  • Errol Station to Inchmichael Junction on A90 (and X bus stops or lift sharing)
  • Errol to Inchcoonans (and on to Glendoick flyover and associated core paths)
  • East from Grange on NCN 77 route to Broomhall Feeds (where National Cycle Network route 77 returns to a quiet road)
  • Link to Inchture from NCN 77
  • Errol to St Madoes (for local services and on to Perth)

If you want to contribute or comment on any of these, please tell us via our contact page.

Other paths

We continue to maintain various footpath around the Carse.